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Our history

Our story began 17 years ago

Custom multimedia software has been our specialization since the very beginning. We started with those virtual chat rooms popular at that time. You pick an avatar, walk through virtual locations, and chat with people you meet there. Then video came and shook the IT industry. From text chats, we moved to video communication. We were pioneers there when a few realized video was the future. It was us who developed the 1st video chat for the largest social network in Russia, vk.com - when even Facebook didn't think of video chatting. We were working with Cirrus and Stratus technologies back then - who even knows such words nowadays! That chat called Webca is still very popular, with more than 1 million users.

And now we create multimedia Software

Since then, we’ve been working on all things multimedia. We entered the multinational market in 2010 with a video interpretation project for the Healthcare for an U.S. entrepreneur. Imagine, thousands of people use your video program, and you are even able to save a human's life. That feeling is incredible. This way, with our software non-English speaking patients communicate with doctors through interpreters in a video chat. The product works in more than 300 Wisconsin hospitals. Every day it helps 100-300 people to save their health and sometimes even lives. We continue working on new versions and improvements. This Fall, we celebrate 13 years of our cooperation with that entrepreneur.

Your Software wins and earns ROI

After that, many other great products appeared in our portfolio. Among them is the winner of DC Tech Day 2014 in the nomination Best in Education - a world-leading virtual classroom in the world. And a Software-as-a-Service Video Surveillance product that maintains peace of mind for many warehouse and production facility owners, and even for parents who send their kids to equipped kindergartens. Also, a funny Augmented Reality application that turns you into a superhero. It earned great App Store reviews and helped our client to pay off his parents’ mortgage as a Christmas present. It’s a great honor to be a part of these awesome products. They are just a few, there are many other applications we are proud of so much, including great Internet TV platforms and computer vision solutions.
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We are a one-stop shop

You receive services of a full software development cycle. You do not have to spend time searching for different contractors to develop your web, mobile, and desktop applications. You do not need separate partners to create graphic design and to program. You can order everything with us. We all are at the same office, joined with our team spirit. So discussions flow smoothly, agreements are reached promptly, and decisions are taken quickly. Together we are capable of more than each of us separately.

Our main advantage is our main specialization

We do not just take any project we can put our hands on. Instead, we concentrate on our field. And with each new project our knowledge and expertise grow. We’ve been doing it for 17 years, that is why you receive your multimedia software with high quality, on time, and within budget. We are absolutely sure in our processes and quality - so you receive a warranty of 3 months after delivery.

You can count on us, truly!

If you need help urgently, you get it no questions asked. Different cases happened during our 17 years of operation. One time, a server where the program was installed, became unavailable during an important telemedicine conference. At that time, we re-installed the product on a new server at night. Another time, an important license was not prolonged on time, and the program stopped working right during an investor pitch. We managed to locate the problem and fix it so that the presentation could continue smoothly.